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Full-time teacher


Name:Shu-jiun Hong         Title:Associate Professor
highest education:Ed.D. , Graduate Instutite of Education, R.O.C
Specialty:Community Health Nursing, Curriculum and Instruction, Creativity Research
E-mail :sjhong@tajen.edu.tw                 --- more
Name:Wu, Kuo-Hung         Title:Associate Professor
highest education:Chu Hai College of Higher Education(Ph. D.
Specialty:Chinese literature,Practical Writing
E-mail :gohome@tajen.edu.tw                  --- more
Name:Chan Sheng-Ching         Title:Associate Professor
highest education:PhD candidate, School of Pharmacy, Kaohsiung Medical University
Specialty:General chemistry, Organic and Biochemistry,Natural product chemistry
E-mail :scchan@tajen.edu.tw                  --- more
Name:Wu ;Hsiu-Feng        Title:Associate Professor
highest education:Master of Chinese Literature
E-mail :sfwu@tajen.edu.tw                  --- more
. Name:Kuo-Chang,Fang         Title:Associate Professor
highest education:PhD , School of Pharmacy, Kaohsiung Medical University
Specialty:Pharmacology, Physiology, Drug Therapy, Chinese herbology 
E-mail :kjfang@tajen.edu.tw                  --- more
欣 Name:Hsin-Hsin,Lin         Title:Director, Associate Professor
highest education:PhD in Nursing, University of Ulster, UK
E-mail :hhlin@tajen.edu.tw                  --- more
Name:Kai-Li Chen         Title:Assistant Professor
highest education:
E-mail : kellychen@tajen.edu.tw                  --- more
森 Name:Po-Sen Huang         Title:Associate Professor
highest education:M.A. in Instructional Technology, San Jose State University, California.    ;Ph.D. Candidate, Engineering Science, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan.)
E-mail :phuang@tajen.edu.tw                  --- more        ~~Personal website
Name:Jui-O Chen         Title:Assistant Professor
highest education:PhD, school of nursing, Kaohsiung Medical University
Specialty:Medical-Surgical Nursing, Hospice Nursing, Medical and Nursing Ethics, Rehabilitation Nursing
E-mail :juiobest@tajen.edu.tw   -----more
Name:Chang, Shu-Nu         Title:Assistant Professor
highest education:Master Degree in Nursing, University of Wales College of Medicine)
Specialty:Medical-Surgical Nursing, Critical Care Nursing, Physical Examination and Assessment
E-mail :name@tajen.edu.tw                  --- more
璐 Name:Hsiao Lu, Li        Title:Assistant Professor
highest education:PhD of nursing, National Yang Ming University, Nursing school
Specialty:Nursing ethics, OBS & GYN nursing, Health promotion, Community service
E-mail :lulu@tajen.edu.tw 
Name:Hui-Wen, Ma         Title:Lecturer
highest education:China Medical University Master of nursing
Specialty:Traditional Chinese Medical Nursing, Community Health Nursing
E-mail :mhwlmr@tajen.edu.tw                  --- more
Name:Chen, Yu Huan         Title:RN, lecturer
highest education:Graduate institute of nursing
Specialty:Pediatric nursing
E-mail :yp3996@tajen.edu.tw                  --- more
滿 Name:Chun-Man Hsieh)         Title:Assistant Professor
highest education:Master Degree in Nursing, National Defense Medical Center;PhD Candidate, Institute of Medical Sciences, Tzu-Chi University
Specialty:Medical-Surgical Nursing, Gerontological Nursing, Nursing paper writing
E-mail :cmhsieh@tajen.edu.tw                  --- more
Name:Lin, Ching-Hsing         Title:Lecturer
highest education:Master Degree, college of Nursing, Kaohsiung Medical University
Specialty:Psychiatric Nursing, Mental Health, Career development
E-mail : linch@tajen.edu.tw                  --- more
Name:Chiang Hsiao-Ching        Title:Lecturer
highest education:Master Degree, National Taiwain University
Specialty:Obstetrics and Gynecology Nursing, Women's Health, Introduction of Nursing, Traditional Chinese Medicine Nursing, Chinese medicated Diet
E-mail :sjjiang@tajen.edu.tw                  --- more
Name:                                         Title:Lecturer
highest education:
E-mail :jamie@tajen.edu.tw                  --- more