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Placement Teacher




Name:Name:Tz ching Tang
highest education:School:Spalding University Nursing Leadership Master degree
specialty:Obstetrics Nursing
E-mail :yuhsintang@yahoo.com.tw
highest education:Fooyin University Master of Nursing
specialty:Community health nursing and Elderly nursing
E-mail :leo8leo5@gmail.com
Name:Tan, chia-chun
highest education:Kaohsiung Medical University College of Nursing Master
specialty:pediatric Nursing
E-mail :ginatan58@yahoo.com.tw
Name:Hui-Chen Su
highest education:Emory University, School of Nursing
specialty:Medical-Surgical Nursing
E-mail :abbysu@tajen.edu.tw
Name:Shu-Hui Wang
highest education:Master’s Degree/Dept of Health Care Administration/Chang Jung Christian University
specialty:Medical-Surgical Nursing, Critical Nursing, Project Management and Writing
E-mail :huei@tajen.edu.tw
Name:Weng Hsin Ju
highest education:Institute of Clinical Nursing, National Yang-Ming University
specialty:Medical-Surgical Nursing
E-mail :hsinju0731@yahoo.com.tw
highest education:Master in School of Nursing, National YANG-MING University
specialty:Medical and Surgical Nursing、Gynecologic and Obstetric nursing 、Pediatric Nursing、 Evidenced-Based Nursing
E-mail :sichahwa@gmail.com
Name:Yu-Shan Chang Chien
highest education:Fooyin University Bachelor of Nursing
specialty:Medical-Surgical Nursing
E-mail :jay760308@gmail.com
尤 Name:Shu-Fang Yu
highest education:National Cheng Kung University, Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing
specialty:Psychiatric Nursing
E-mail :ami6561079@gmail.com
呂 Name:You-Ru Lu
highest education:National Taiwan Normal University
specialty:Medical-Surgical Nursing
E-mail :pqq820@gmail.com
呂彥美 Name:Lu-yen-mei
highest education:Meiho University Bachelor of Nursing
specialty:Medical-Surgical Nursing
E-mail :a437512@gmail.com
蔡 Name:Tsai Yi Chen
highest education:Chung Shan Medical University of Nursing
specialty:Medical-Surgical Nursing
E-mail :janetsai1231@gmail.com