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The department was founded in 1990 and was upgraded in 2000 for enrollment of 2-year and 4-year bachelor programs. With our school motto ”Study Diligently; Embody Virtues” in mind, our courses are designed to meet the nursing professional standard and the educational policy of combining theory and practice so as to empower our students to be qualified and competent nurses respected and trusted by patients and their families.


Department features

We have been pursuing the goal of becoming an excellent department in nursing higher education. Under the belief of “diligent, devoted, helpful, applying, meticulous, innovative”, the department has created a warm and harmonious department culture, and meanwhile, provides a variety of programs to meet students’ needs. Our current features are to establish a “smile” spirit to help students gain maturity and professional qualities.


Smile stands for:

(1) S: Strength (Reinforce department’s outstanding strengths and features)

(2) M: Modern (Keep being modernized and creative)

(3) I: Interactive (Enhance interactive relationships between teachers and students)

(4) L: Lively (Exert Students’ lively and creative thinking ability and learning energy)

(5) E: Excellency (Pursue nursing excellency)



We currently offer:

1.Two-year college program (In-service program)

2.Four-year undergraduate program